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Swedish Massage

  • Massage Therapy Services

    30 Minutes: $50.00
    45 Minutes: $70.00
    60 Minutes: $85.00
    90 Minutes: $125.00
    120 Minutes: $165.00

    Add 10.00 dollars for Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, or Thai Massage

    Infant Massage: $35.00
    45 minutes Scalp, Hands and Feet Massage: $70.00

Swedish massage is a classic combination of hands-on manipulations of the body’s soft tissues, especially the muscles and fascia. This is also combined with movement of the joints. Pressure ranges from very light and soothing to strong and firm.
Useful for: relaxation, stress relief, relieving sore tight muscles, improving circulation, dissolution of scar tissue adhesions, reduce swelling.