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Thai Massage

  • Massage Therapy Services

    30 Minutes: $50.00
    45 Minutes: $70.00
    60 Minutes: $85.00
    90 Minutes: $125.00
    120 Minutes: $165.00

    Add 10.00 dollars for Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, or Thai Massage

    Infant Massage: $35.00
    45 minutes Scalp, Hands and Feet Massage: $70.00

Thai massage combines massage with placement of the fully clothed patient in yoga-like positions on a firm mat on the floor during the session. Some Thai massage techniques involve more flexibility stretching, while others focus on applying pressure to the muscles and joints with an effective use of the practitioner’s body weight. Therapist palm, elbow, knee and walk on clients throughout the treatment, using acupressure on points along ten energy (Sen) lines of the body. Any energy imbalances are broken up, releasing physical and emotional blockages.
Useful for: increasing flexibility of the body,  providing muscle pain relief, increasing range of motion, stimulating circulation.